1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Trading Cards


Collection of 66 cards and 11 stickers. Numeration continues from previous series, so cards go from #199 to #264 and stickers from #34 to #44.
Series 4 cards have a "Green Border".
To this series belongs the (in)famous "horny"-C-3PO card (#207), which was the one originally released, but then replaced by the corrected-less-lascivious version of it.
You can see and compare both versions below and decide which one you like best!

As for the rest of the collection, it keeps the same style of the previous series, a mix of scenes from the Star Wars movie and characters' portraits, which some of them look like pictures intended for promotional purposes.

And the MOVIE FACTS that were present in series 1 are back with 22 new insights about the movie.

Base Cards

The star warriors aim for action!
C-3PO™ searches for his counterpart
Raid at Mos Eisley™!
Inquiring about Obi-Wan Kenobi™
A band of Jawas™
Stalking the corridors of Death Star™
Desperate moments for our heroes!
Searching for the missing droid
C-3PO™ (Anthony Daniels)<br>Original card
C-3PO™ (Anthony Daniels)<br>Corrected card
Luke Skywalker™ on the desert planet
The Rebel Troops
Princess Leia™ blasts the enemy
A proud moment for Han and Luke
A stormtrooper is blasted!
Monitoring the battle
Luke and Leia shortly before the raid
Han bows out of the battle
Han and Leia quarrel about the escape plan
The Dark Lord of the Sith™
Luke Skywalker's™ home . . destroyed!
The swing to freedom!
"I'm going to regret this!"
Princess Leia™ (Carrie Fisher)
"Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?"
Han Solo™ covers his friends
Luke's secret yen for action!
Aunt Beru Lars™ (Shelagh Fraser)
Potrait of a princess
Instructing the Rebel pilots
R2-D2™ is inspected by the Jawas™
Grand Moff Tarkin™ (Peter Cushing)
Guarding the Millennium Falcon™
Discussing the Death Star's™ future
The Empire strikes back!
Raiding the Rebel starship
Envisioning the Rebel's destruction
Luke Skywalker™ (Mark Hamill)
Readying the Rebel fleet
The deadly grip of Darth Vader™!
Uncle Owen Lars™ (Phil Brown)
The young star warrior
Artoo's desperate mission!
The Rebel fighter ships
Death Star™ shootout!
Rebels in the trench!
Waiting at Mos Eisley™
Member of the evil Empire
Stormtrooper - tool of the Empire
Soldier of evil!
Luke suspects the worst about his family
Ben Kenobi™ (Alec Guinness)
Luke and Ben on Tatooine™
An overjoyed Han Solo™!
The honored heores!
R2-D2™ (Kenny Baker)
Darth Vader™ (David Prowse)
Luke poses with his weapon
The marvelous droid See-Threepio™!
A pair of Jawas™
Fighting impossible odds!
Challenging the evil Empire!
Han Solo™ (Harrison Ford)
Fury of the Tusken Raider™
Creature of Tatooine™
The courage of Luke Skywalker™
Star pilot Luke Skywalker™!

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