1994 Topps Star Wars GALAXY Series 2 Trading Cards


If there is a Series 1, there must be a Series 2!

In 1994 Topps released the continuation of the Star Wars Galaxy Collection. And keeping its tradition, the new series cards' numeration continues where the Star Wars Galaxy Series 1 ended.

Hence, Star Wars Galaxy Series 2 starts with card #141 and ends with card #275, totalling a 135 cards collection. Yes, that is 5 cards shorter than Series 1...

The collection is divided into 8 different subsets or sections as detailed, again, in the back of the initial Title card:

Same as with Star Wars Galaxy Series 1, Star Wars Galaxy Series 2 had a parallel version called "Decluxe Factory Set", which was sold in a tin box containing the complete base set plus some extras.

Base Cards

Title Card
Battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader by Ralph McQuarrie
A giant swamp slug rises on Dagobah to challenge other creatures for supremacy of the bog by Ralph McQuarrie
Imperial Walkers stomp stealthily through the frozen geysers of Hoth by Ralph McQuarrie
Highe over Bespin float two giant platforms to mine Tibanna gas from the planet below by Ralph McQuarrie
The Entertainment Center in Imperial City on Coruscant by Ralph McQuarrie
Darth Vader and a companion entering the cathedral-like structure by Ralph McQuarrie
Santa Yoda peers down a chimney by Ralph McQuarrie
The Rebel heroes on Hoth by Terry Austin
A stormtrooper blasts C-3PO in a corridor of Cloud City by John Byrne
All Terrain Scout Transports stomp on Rebel troopers protecting their Hoth base by Michael Golden
Luke patrols the icy wastelands of Hoth on his trusty tauntaun by Joe Jusko
Danger! Ugnaughts at work! By Bob Layton
The duel begins on the steps of Cloud City's carbon-freezing chamber by Frank Miller
Blasting their way aboard the Millennium Falcon by Marshall Rogers
Collage for Marvel's Return of the Jedi adaptation by Bill Sienkiewicz
Marvel STAR WARS #95 by Kent Williams
U.K. Marvel's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK monthlies cover by John B. Higgins
TALES OF THE JEDI "Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon" cover by Dave Dorman"
TALES OF THE JEDI "The Saga of Nomi Sunrider" cover by Dave Dorman
DARK EMPIRE #1 "The Destiny of a Jedi" cover by Dave Dorman
DARK EMPIRE #2 "Devastator of Worlds" cover by Dave Dorman
DARK EMPIRE #3 "The Battle for Calamari" cover by Dave Dorman
DARK EMPIRE #5 "Emperor Reborn" comic book series cover by Dave Dorman
DARK EMPIRE #6 "The Fate of a Galaxy" comic book series cover by Dave Dorman
C-3PO and R2-D2 get out of a jam by Boris Vallejo
STAR WARS poster concept (1977) by Ken Barr
Contemplative portrait of Yoda by Michael Whelan
"Hollywood Boulevard" (1982) by Melanie Taylor Kent
Illustration for a 1982 READER'S DIGEST article by George Gaadt
Tusken Raider portrait for FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine (1978) by Basil Gogos
Cover for FANTASTIC FILMS magazine (1981) by Scott Gustafson
Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi sketch (1982) by Sir Alec Guinness
Cover for LOST IN SPACE: THE REAGAN YEARS book by Tony Auth
10-inch Darth Vader sculpt for a chess set by Todd Andrews
A smaller Rebel fleet goes against the Empire's super weapon in RETURN OF THE JEDI by Michael David Ward
Collectors plate for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK by Morgan Weistling
Early version of a wampa ice creature by Joe Johnston
Sketch for the Emperor by Nilo Rodis-Jamero
Ewok sketch by Joe Johnston
Lando Calrissian in a Cloud City costume design by John Mollo
Sketch of a wretched soul for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK by Joe Johnston
Speeder bike pilot costume sketch by Nilo Rodis-Jamero
"Assorted Aliens" by Nilo Rodis-Jamero
Ewok scouting party uses strange beasts of burden by Joe Johnston
Chewi and his son Lump try out a virtual reality ride by Joe Johnston
Imperial City on Coruscant by Joe Johnston
Poster concept for RETURN OF THE JEDI by Kazuhiko Sano
Rough poster concept paintings for RETURN OF THE JEDI by unknown artist (presumably John Berkey)
Concept painting for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK by unknown artist
Black and white, charcoal and pencil sketch of Obi-Wan Kenobi directing a STAR WARS orchestra by unkonwn artist
Poster concept for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK by unknown artist
RETURN OF THE JEDI concept poster by R. Harris after Kazuhiko Sano
Poster concept for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK by unknown artist
Concept poster for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK by unknown artist
Collage for a vinyl collectors case (1984) by Cato Yasumura Behaeghel studio
Tatooine Skiff package art for Kenner Products by unknown artist
A-Wing Fighter illustration by the Libby Perszyk Kathman studio
R2-D2 and C-3PO hastily departing illustration for Kenner Products by unknown artist
Ghostly apparition of actor Sebastian Shaw as Anakin Skywalker at the very end of RETURN OF THE JEDI by Libby Perszyk Kathman studio
Art for a STAR WARS pinball game from Data East painted on a plastic sheet by Markus
Scenes from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK for a metal Thermos Co. lunch box by Gene Lemery
Scenes from RETURN OF THE JEDI for a Thermos Co. lunch box by Gene Lemery
HAN SOLO AND THE LOST LEGACY novel cover by Bill Schmidt
Luke with his hot-blooded Tatooine pals, Biggs and Camie by Michael Allred
IG-88 in action by Karl Altstaetter
Darth Vader by Thom Ang
C-3PO by Sergio Aragones
Ugnaught portrait by Marshall Arisman
Han Solo in a Flash Gordon-like tituation and setting by Dan Barry
Boba Fett by John Bolton
A bounty hunter by Tim Bradstreet
Boba Fett by Daniel Brereton
Poachers flying in to abduct one of the young rancors by Ron Brown
A Gamorrean guard feeding the ever-hungry rancor by Frank Brunner
Land Calrissian by Rich Buckler
Han's torture scene by Greg Capullo
Chewbacca the mechanic at his shop by Amanda Conner
The Wampa by Ricardod Delgado
Boba Fett sends an X-wing fighter to a fiery death by Joe DeVito
Lumiya, the female Darth Vader by Colleen Doran
Imperial AT-ATs and Rebel Snowspeeders by Norm Dwyer
Three outrageous guests of Jabba the Hutt mug for the "camera" by Bob Fingerman
Sir Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi by Hugh Fleming
R2-D2 and C-3PO by Franchesco
The Emperor by Drew Friedman
C-3PO and Chewie during the holoboard game by Rick Geary
The Jawas lead Threepio to their sandcrawler by Dave Gibbons - P4 card in Series 1 Millennium Falcon Factory Edition
Slave girl Leia by Mike Grell
Han and Leia kiss by Rebecca Guay
Female rebel riding her tauntaun by Lurene Haines
Luke says good-bye to his father by Matt Haley
"Stone Needle Pilots" by Cully Hamner
Gamorrean guard by Rich Hedden
Fight on the Skeef by Dave Hoover
Yarna by Janine Johnston
Exterior of Yoda's little hut-like home on Dagobah by Jeffrey Jones
Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader by Kelley Jones
Scene where Luke finds his family brutally murdered by Miran Kim
Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker by Jack Kirby
Luke and Darth Vader in Dagobah's cave by Ray Lago
A pair of Imperial walkers patrol the fields by Zohar Lazar
A monster, probably the rancor by Jae Lee
Vision of Leia as the most powerful Jedi Knight by Paul Lee
The aftermath of the sail barge battle on Tatooine by John Paul Lona
Luke's levitated POV, in the midst of his Jedi training on Dagobah by David Lowery
The sadistic droid from Jabba's torture chamber prepares for new nastiness as a pig-guard looks on by Shawn C. Martinbrough
Stormtroopers in battle by Mike Mayhew
Darth Vader's psychic stranglehold by Walter McDaniel
An especially abstract interpretation of a stormtrooper by Mike McMahon
Mr. McCool enveloped by beautiful Oola by Linda Medley
The Worrt by David O. Miller
Chewie saving Han Solo by C. Scott Morse
Darth Vader has an audience with the holographic Emperor by Nelson De Castro
The Emperor gets his, as Anakin Skywalker returns to his Jedi rootsby Hoang Nguyen
AT-STs and Imperial troopers by Kevin O'Neill
The wampa battles Luke Skywalker by Mark Pacella
Darth Vader fighting Luke Skywalker by Jimmy Palmiotti
Han rescues Chewie and then burns his Imperial 'draft card' by Jason Pearson
Luke vs. Vader in the Cloud City of Bespin by Brandon Peterson
Chewie "disarms" a droid after losing a holoboard game by Joe Phillips
Yoda by Whilce Portacio
Solo smooth-talking his way into a big loan from Jabba by Ralph Reese
Portrayal of Luke and Leia on the Death Star by Zina Saunders
Luke builds his new lightsaber by Chris Sprouse
An Imperial scout on a speeder bike is attacked by some brave, feisty Ewoks by Jim Starlin
Young Jedi Luke Skywalker finds himself in the primordial swampworld of Dagobah by Arthur Suydam
Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader mask off) by Sylvain Despretz
Boba Fett by Tom Taggart
Jabba the Hutt has a sore throat, courtesy of Princess-turned-slave-girl Leia by Jill Thompson
Tusken Raiders by Tim Truman
Death Star servant droid while Chewie is 'taken prisoner' by Keith Tucker
Admiral Ackbar over the final space battle from RETURN OF THE JEDI by Jeff Watts
Salacious Crumb zapped by R2-D2 during the sail barge battle in JEDI by Mike Zeck
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