1983 Topps Return Of The Jedi Series 2 Trading Cards and Stickers


RETURN OF THE JEDI Series 2 collection has 2 puzzles, formed by the back-sides of the sticker cards.
Both puzzles are in Horizontal orientation, using the cards put in Vertical position in a 2x5 (RxC) distribution.

Posters made by puzzles are familiar, as the images have been used for the cards already.


Puzzle C

"JABBA THE HUTT'S NEW DANCING GIRL" card #39 of RETURN OF THE JEDI Series 1 set is the image used for this Puzzle C

Puzzle D

"HORROR FROM THE PIT" the Rancor as seen on card #179 of Return of the Jedi Series 2 set is the selected image for this Puzzle D

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