1977 Topps Star Wars Series 3 Trading Cards


Collection of 66 cards and 11 stickers. Numeration continues from previous series, so cards go from #133 to #198 and stickers from #23 to #33.
Series 3 is the one with the "Yellow Border".

The set continues with the 44 pieces for 2 different puzzles in the back of the cards.
The puzzles are 5x4 (RxC) and 6x4 (RxC), both with cards in horizontal orientation again.


Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1 is the same picture as card #151. Planning an escape! Scene where Luke, Leia and Solo are trying to escape from the Death Star.

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2 shows the same picture as in card #156. R2-D2™ is lifted aboard! While the card itself is vertical, the puzzle is built up by horizontally oriented cards.

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