1978 Topps Star Wars Series 5 Trading Cards and Stickers


Last series of the set. With this fifth installment the 1977 original Star Wars collection reached its end.

Same as all previous series, it consists on 66 cards and 11 stickers. Continuing the numeration, cards go from #265 to #330 and stickers from #45 to #55.
Series 5 has an "Orange Border".

Lastly, the puzzle in this series is another unique gigantic poster made of 44 pieces, but this time in horizontal format 4x11 (RxC) -with cards in vertical position-, showing the picture in card #284. "Distracted by Solo's assault".



The last puzzle of the last series shows the picture from card #284. Distracted by Solo's assault. Showing two creature-customers of the Cantina.

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