1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back Series 3 Trading Cards and Stickers


Collection of 88 cards (numbered from #265 to #352) and 22 stickers (numbered from #67 to #88).
Cards are distinguised by a "Green Frame" around each picture on a golden background.

Stickers set is made of 22 cards with a green background, showing pictures framed by the random letters (same as in Series 1 and Series 2), so this time we are missing the 11 cards of die-cut portraits that were present in the previous series.
But on the opposite side, this series gives us 2 puzzles, each sized 2x5 (RxC) with the cards in vertical orientation. One showing the Millennium Falcon being chased by a Tie-Fighter through the asteroid field and the other one a picture of Yoda on Dagobah.


F, O
R, I
A, E
B, X
U, I
W, U
M, N
C, D
O, U
H, E
E, O
Y, U
A, K
A, V
E, S
Q, L
A, I
I, O
Z, T
G, J
E, I
A, P
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