1983 Topps Return Of The Jedi Series 1 Trading Cards and Stickers


RETURN OF THE JEDI Series 1 collection has 2 puzzles, formed by the back-sides of the sticker cards.

Independently of the variations of the front-sides, the pieces on the back are exactly the same for the 2 puzzles, so it is not that different variants will provide different puzzles.

Puzzle A is a vertical shot of a standing WICKET -the Ewok who befriended with Princess Leia-, in a 5x3 (RxC) format with the cards in horizontal distribution.
As a note, the picture used for Puzzle A is the same one you will find in card #190 of Series 2, named "PORTRAIT OF WICKET".

On the other hand, Puzzle B is a horizontal picture of the main characters inside the Imperial Shuttle before landing on Endor, as seen on card #67. THE PLAN BEGINS. Format is 3x5 (RxC) with cards placed vertically.


Puzzle A

"PORTRAIT OF WICKET" -same picture as in card #190 of RETURN OF THE JEDI Series 2 set-

Puzzle B

"THE PLAN BEGINS" Chewie, Leia, Han, Luke, C-3PO and R2-D2 in the cockpit of an Imperial Shuttle preparing to land on Endor. Seen on card #67 of Series 1

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